Robotics Fabrication

A Native American-Owned 8(a) Small Business

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Welcome to Robotics Fabrication, Inc.

RFI’s goal is to provide the safest methods of UXO and environmental remediation while saving time and money

RFI is experienced and ready to perform on Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force range construction and sustainability projects, Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS) and Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) installations, and also environmental remediation and restoration sites.

RFI’s own armored vehicles and equipment are ready to safely accomplish any task requiring armor protection.

RFI’s proprietary robotics can safely perform high-risk tasks, potentially clearing sites previously left isolated by munitions contamination.

RFI’s robotic solutions can reduce time spent on labor-intensive tasks, work around-the-clock in some situations, and may perform in all kinds of terrain, weather, or climates.

RFI’s equipment force is extensive, well-maintained, and reliable. Ownership means immediate operator familiarity; robotic and remote-control compatibility; and, when necessary, seamless repairs and parts replacements.

The RFI team includes a fully-qualified highly-experienced EOD/UXO staff to provide the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience needed in handling explosives and other hazardous materials.

RFI’s geophysical subsurface investigation services including the use of EM-61, and Metal Mappers. RFI’s geophysical processors utilize computer-assisted data analysis, mapping, and modeling systems to provide the interpretation and documentation needed on government projects.